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Ripped Jeans for Women

Introducing Calvin Klein's ripped jeans for women. Edgy. Rebellious. Urban. Add a twist to your denim collection with ripped jeans by CK. Crafted with premium denim, our ripped jeans feature intentional distressing or tears for a rebellious yet stylish look. Choose from high-waisted, Mom and skinny styles and find your favourite pair. Pair distressed jeans with a simple white tee and leather jacket for an effortless coolness. Style torn jeans with a cozy oversized jumper and trainers for a casual vibe. Or opt for ripped skinny jeans for a sleek, contemporary silhouette perfect for both day and night. Calvin Klein ripped jeans. For women with an edge.

How to rip jeans

To rip jeans, start by marking where you want the tears with chalk or a pen. Then, use scissors, sandpaper, or a razor to carefully distress the denim, creating intentional tears and frayed edges. Start small and gradually increase the distressing until you achieve the desired effect.

Are ripped jeans still in style?

Ripped jeans gained popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s as part of the punk rock movement. They entered the mainstream in the 1990s during the grunge era. Since then, ripped jeans have remained a staple in casual and edgy fashion as a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity.